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Hired Power Breakaway

Posted by on Aug 16, 2013 in work | 0 comments

Hired Power, a very well-established addiction recovery support services firm joined forces with the Breakaway Health to form Hired Power Breakaway Clinical Transitional Living for Young Adult Men in Costa Mesa, CA. Hired Power CEO Nanette Zumwalt hired MaddMarketing to design the website for the new venture from the ground up. This unique WordPress design is powered by Genesis Framework, the foundation was created by Appfinite, and the developers at MM took it from there. Built to appeal to the young adult men HPB serves as well as their families, we’re very proud of how it turned...

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No More Enabling

Posted by on Jul 28, 2013 in work | 0 comments

NoMoreEnabling.com is a help site created by several recovery industry professionals, and is designed to assist families with helpful articles and other resources about enabling. The site is built on WordPress, using a customized theme on Genesis Framework from Studiopress, and features rotating ads. The site features blogging by numerous industry leaders and, like all good web sites, is constantly changing and evolving with new, fresh...

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Alyssa Kratz

Posted by on May 27, 2013 in work | 0 comments

When yoga practitioner Alyssa Kratz needed on online presentation to depict her passion for the art of yoga, as well as give her customers a resource to learn more and develop their own practice, she turned to MaddMarketing for help, and we were happy to oblige. A shining example of a focused and nurturing person, Alyssa gracefully took the lead in the design. The site is built on WordPress, using Genesis Framework in a minimalistic creation and calls upon lots of images to give artistry to function and design, as well as depiction of Alyssa’s expert ability and excitement for yoga. What came out of this process is a very clean and pure site, with vibrant photography, ease of navigation and chocked full of information about the...

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Freedom Interventions

Posted by on Mar 28, 2013 in work | 0 comments

When Freedom Interventions needed a website that communicated their branding and product at a high-level, owner Matt Brown turned to MaddMarketing for help. We customized a quality Goodlayers theme to fit their needs. The result is a clean site with great curb appeal, and an effective sales flow to close internet-driven business, and support current...

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