graphic of globe - drug rehab internet marketingDrug rehab internet marketing is a highly competitive marketplace. Virtually every treatment center is vying for the same keywords, trying to land on page one search engine results page (SERP), and in the top three slots. Hundreds of thousands are spent on SEO optimization, sponsored links, paid backlinks, banner ads, content network ads, the list goes on and on. After working in the treatment and helping professions for a decade, a few key things have been learned about this competitive arena:

  1. Many centers chase after the most popular search term, “drug rehab,” and its common variations. We’ll post more detail about this elsewhere, but it is the most highly competitive keyword base in the industry, and therefore the most difficult to get.
  2. Only ten places will organically rank on page one SERP for the search term “drug rehab,” and at least five of them aren’t even real or licensed treatment centers.
  3. Clicks on the actual treatment centers that do rank on page one SERP for this search term have a very high “bounce rate,” meaning the traffic to the landing site leaves right after landing. It is not well qualified traffic, and usually this has to do with the user’s discovery of the location of the rehab, or perhaps that the user has never heard of it in any other type of advertising or word-of-mouth medium. Users bouncing off the site right after landing don’t call the rehab.
  4. Sponsored links for the most competitive keywords can cost $30 or more per click during prime time slots, and even these have high bounce rates.
  5. Many drug rehab internet marketing approaches are designed to manipulate search engines into directing traffic to the website, which the search providers (Google, Bing, Yahoo) continue to close in on and snuff out through updates to their search algorithms.
  6. Many internet competitors use “bait and switch,” “gate-selling,” and outright deceptive methods to close business. Still others attack treatment centers, the disease concept of addiction, and/or the efficacy of treatment as a means of closing business.

It is our position that competing for these highly competitive key phrases in the organic or paid advertising drug rehab internet marketing space, or using less-than-scrupulous tactics to manipulate search engines or users is a waste of money for helping facilities and professionals. The companies doing this have huge marketing budgets, and pour a lot of these resources into this approach, which is like fishing with a huge net off a huge boat. They’ll catch a lot of fish, but they also catch a lot of garbage. To sift through this, these companies back this effort with big call centers manned by people who will, within just a few minutes, qualify (or in most cases, disqualify) the call and move onto the next one. Trying to compete with this clearinghouse method is like the five and dime competing with Wal-Mart. You’re out-gunned. You will lose.

Add to that the unscrupulous nature of many of these approaches, which, by the way, is the antithesis of recovery, and you have a situation that is tarnishing an entire industry that a lot of people need.

At MaddMarketing, we focus on innovative and creative ways to increase your drug rehab internet marketing efforts. Our approach seeks to get every thing out of the precious resources available and to do so in a way that models recovery – honesty, integrity and community. We exist for the same reason you do – to help people find the help they need – and we go about this in the same way you do – a way that models the recovery you are helping to facilitate in the people who come to you broken and, in many cases, nearly dead.

Our approach begins with an initial analysis of your business to determine if we can help your drug rehab internet marketing efforts, and if so, in what way. We use our expertise of what’s worked and what hasn’t in the internet realm to get your phone to ring with qualified calls you can turn into life-sustaining business for your facility. We focus efforts in the following areas:

  • aesthetically performing websites
  • solid optimized content with content enrichment efforts on an ongoing basis
  • link-building strategy and campaign over time
  • intelligent advertising in a targeted fashion
  • seo tools to track performance including monitoring, analytics, and management
  • installation of internal tracking methods to determine return on investment

We look forward to meeting with you to see how MaddMarketing can help your business be more successful in the drug rehab internet marketing realm, and thus, help more people get well.

Call us at 800.315.0150 to speak with us now about drug rehab internet marketing or fill out our contact form to the right and a representative will be in touch shortly.