MaddMarketing works exclusively with the helping industry. If you need treatment center marketing, web design, SEO/SEM services, or social networking integration, our services are available to help you be successful. Key to this effort is the ROI system we put in place within your business. These ROI measurement tools tie marketing efforts directly to revenue, a measurement that can be difficult. Our years of treatment and helping professions experience separates us from other marketing firms who do not know the intricacies of the business model. Through excellence in our areas of expertise, backed by our numerous years in the helping industry in various top-level roles, we deliver high-quality, effective services and products that increase our client’s return on investment.

Of course, marketing is for any business contains a core suite of projects to create branding, relationships with those who would give you customers, and many more. But each business is different, has different needs, and therefore the approach, the theater(s) of activity, and the method of contact and outreach varies. In the helping professions, traditional marketing occurs with participation at conferences, seminars, doing site visits, lunches, etc., to create and nurture relationships with referents – relationships marketing.

Then there is the internet. With website design, SEO and SEM approaches, treatment centers compete in a very crowded market space, with everyone vying for rankings and bidding for top ad placements to get the clicks to their website. Then the website must convert these landings into intake calls, and the admissions representative must seal the deal. No less than 5 conversions occur in this process, and depending how deeply you want to take it, there can be many more inside the timeline.

Factor in social networking to the equation. With Facebook driving increasing traffic to websites for certain types, passing Google in several areas, the web referral traffic game is ever-changing. The key for helping professions is how to position themselves, and to do so in such a way to be well positioned in the future as the landscape changes.

There is one concept all these aspects of marketing share: they all require, rich, pertinent, and believable content. Content that projects the values, integrity and efficacy of the business. Content that gains trust. MM believes that these specific areas of marketing a helping business inter-fuel one another, and a good approach requires creating synergy between them all. So often, we’ve observed that one or more of these areas is lacking, or not pursued at all. It’s either an “old-school” mentality, resistance to change, or just plain lack of foresight and wisdom that prevents a balanced approach, and the business suffers as the result.

Our approach begins with enrolling prospective clients into the idea that getting to where they want to be will require them to open their minds about marketing their business. That together we will create a system involving all three aspects above and ways to measure the results as we move forward. What separates us from other marketing firms is that our leadership has over a decade of personal recovery experience and nearly a decade of treatment experience as a dynamic executive who took companies to the next level. We apply what has proven to work with new innovations and create solutions that bring clients in the doors of our customer’s business.

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