MaddMarketing, LLC was founded in 2012 by Curt Maddon. A veteran treatment professional and person in recovery, Curt leveraged his experience and knowledge of running treatment centers and applied it to a more focused effort – marketing for treatment centers and helping professionals, designed to assist in these great companies and practitioners to better reach their goals of helping others.

MaddMarketing is an entrepreneurial start up with a small staff, which allows us to give personal service to our clientele. We focus on listening to what our clients want, their dreams, passions, and willingness to do what’s needed. We match these attributes in every way, and become a part of their success. We won’t rest until the objectives are met, and we aren’t afraid to retool the effort when performance of the client brand needs further enhancement. We want happy customers, and strive to reach this goal everyday.

We at MaddMarketing take our customer’s success very seriously and we are not easily satisfied, therefore we continuously look for ways to build on the work we do. We realize that marketing is a creative process that requires skillful implementation and nurturing to produce results. We feel honored that our customers have placed their trust in us, and do not take this lightly. Integrity, honesty and service are our guiding principles.

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About Curt Maddon

Image of Curt MaddonCurt’s professional career spans back to 1980, mostly as an entrepreneur running small businesses. He spent 15 years as a private investigator, working insurance claims in Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, Tucson and Albuquerque. In 1998, he decided to reinvent himself and enrolled in a Cisco Academy in Albuquerque, studying network systems while running a small business designing and installing client server and networking products and services. During this time, he completed a contract for an upstart super long-term drug rehab for young adults in Arizona and after two years of sobriety, he began working for the treatment center full-time. Within four years, he was the Executive Director of the same facility, which by this time had over 110 beds in two countries and two US states.

Curt Maddon left this drug rehab facility in 2006, did some consulting for a year, mostly at a very long-term rehab which has two facilities in Texas, similar to the Arizona facility. By August of 2007, he was hired as its Chief Operating Officer. In October of 2010, he was named CEO. Seeking a change that involved working more directly with other industry professionals, and particularly addicts and their families, Curt resigned his position in late 2011 and began working in the field of treatment marketing/admissions and consulting.

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