Curt Maddon

Curt Maddon


Curt Maddon has worked in the field of addiction recovery since 2002 for a number of excellent drug rehab and alcohol treatment centers. Prior to any of this, Curt made numerous attempts to stop drinking, and became what’s known as a chronic relapser. On October 23, 2000, he was given the gift of permanent recovery, one day at a time, through a loving God, a 12-step program, a lot of patient and loving people, and the accountability of a home group and a men’s meeting.

In early 2012, Curt decided to serve the industry in a more focused way. Out of this vision came MaddMarketing LLC, and within several months, the company had taken on several clients. By early 2013, MaddMarketing had begun to hire staff, as the company’s growth exceeded initial expectations.

Curt is very proud to be affiliated with MaddMarketing, and credits the loyalty of his numerous friends in the industry, coupled with our honest desire to be helpful, with our success.

Erin Merritt

Erin Merritt

Managing Director

With a degree in computer information systems and a passion for recovery, Erin oversees MM’s day-to-day operations, including site development, SEO efforts and social networking. She also directly manages all aspects of customer relations and account servicing. It is Erin who has built MM’s reputation for service excellence.

Erin also loves staring at code all day for some reason. Although we don’t understand this, we never question it! With a knack for writing, Erin also contributes articles for our customer websites.

Erin Wesson

Erin Wesson


Erin Wesson began doing work for MaddMarketing in 2014, writing copy and content, while she was working as a geological technician. Her role at MM has recently evolved to include web development. She has always enjoyed writing as well as editing, and has a flair for proofreading. With an eye for both detail and design, her new responsibilities are an excellent fit. Erin W. has been personally involved in the recovery community for over ten years and thrives on the joy, purpose, and freedom she continues to find there.


MaddMarketing utilizes a team of developers, contract writers, graphic artists, and code specialists to create, rich, relevant content and functionality for use on our client websites. This well-rounded team includes recovery, technical and topical writers, producing succinct, interesting, original content appealing to readers and which also provides support to keyword structure.

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