wordpress-logo-notextMaddMarketing uses the WordPress website platform in most customer work. We do this for several reasons – it’s cost effective, highly functional, highly flexible and very SEO friendly. For larger sites demanding more technical applications and functionality and robust CMS, we use Joomla or Drupal. All three of these platforms have diverse strengths, and are Open Source, making them great CMS systems to help our customers reach their web marketing goals.

WordPress is also one of the most cost-effective engines available to power websites. With thousands of themes to choose from, most very reasonably priced, a small startup can acquire a sleek, aesthetically pleasing web presentation for half the cost of more high-end solutions. Plugins that provide functionality, from members only sectoring to SEO tools, are available at very little cost or, in many cases free.

WordPress was originally introduced as a blogging platform in 2003 by Mat Mullenweg and Mike Little. As of August 2011, 20% of the world’s websites were running WordPress. CNN, Ford, Yahoo and GE are just a few major businesses using WordPress. WordPress also does well with search engines, due to it’s simple, straightforward PHP and SQL architecture and easy-to-crawl code.

MaddMarketing prefers the WordPress engine to power the websites it creates for customers. But we recognize that it’s not for everyone, so we offer a variety of solutions to fit the needs of each customer.

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